Backup and Recovery

Backups are one of those technologies that is often overlooked and/or put on the back burner due to other reasons. Then the day comes. The day that you thought would never happen. You have catastrophic failure occur to one or more of your servers containing all your files, financial data, everything, for the last ten years. You grab the server(s) and rush to a data recovery facility and pay their large fees to analyze the server(s) storage to find out that the data is no longer recoverable. Your heart sinks. Thoughts about how are you going to recover from this situation now becomes your worst nightmare. For some businesses, they can never recover from such a data loss and as a result are forced to go out of business. Open Innovations has seen this catastrophe occur, unfortunately far too many times, including two companies we have been personally aware of that have gone out of business. One from a fire who had reliable backups but did not take them off site.

Having multiple and reliable backups is critical to your company's survival. We have deployed various types of backup strategies such as, disk to tape, disk to disk, disk to disk to tape, disk to disk to tape to cloud. We are familiar with many different types of backup software from companies such as Symantec, Veritas, Arkeia, Acronis, EMC (Legato), NovaStor, Amanda, Bacula, and backup hardware from companies such as Quantum, IBM, Oracle (Sun and StorageTek), Tandberg Data (Exabyte), Spectra Logic, Dell, HP, etc.

Open Innovations has the experience to make sure your company's data is protected. Let us help bring you the peace of mind that reliable backups can offer.