Services Provided by Open Innovations

We have been supporting businesses for many years and offer a vast array of extensive sets of services. We are proficient in many disciplines. The following only lists a portion of what we do. Just inquire if you are looking for something that you do not see listed.

Consulting: We have been consulting for businesses since 1982. We range in expertise from Systems Administration using Windows and Unix, Security and Auditing, Networking, Backups, to name just a few disciplines. We do consulting at the Enterprise level to the Small Business level.

IT Infrastructure Support: We generally support the Small to Medium business relationship, through on occasion, the Enterprise as well. We take care of everything from the Desktop Support, Email, Networking, Firewall, Backups, Telephones, Wiring, etc. We are a complete and one stop shop for everything you need to do with technology in your business.

Networking: For the most part, computers that are isolated are not very useful in this connected world. We have the expertise and know how to put together and build large networks for the Enterprise or build a small network for the small business. We are fully familiar with most of networking equipment from vendors such as Cisco, HP, Dell, Fortinet, Juniper, Foundry, to name just a few. We are also fully versed with the new IPv6 and can fully deploy it in your business.

Security: Where to begin... Security is one of the most often overlooked areas until something unfortunate occurs. Our background in Security stems from the Enterprise, E-Commerce, and Health Services. This ranges from the external threat such as from the Internet, down to the Internal threat from a disgruntled employee. We provide security auditing for Sarbanes-Oxley, PCI/DSS, HIPAA, and other procedures. Because we are so well versed in these procedures, everything we do for a business centers around this principle of "security as a foundation" from which everything else is built upon.

Virtualization: Virtualization with technologies such as VMWare's vSphere ESXi hypervisor and Microsoft's Hyper-V have radically changed how we deploy servers in business today. Most individual hardware servers are under utilized, but draw the same power and take up the same of amount space in a rack/cabinet. By using Virtualization technologies, you can fully utilize your servers' complete hardware potential by hosting multiple virtual servers on one physical server. This saves you physical space, power, memory, and storage capacity, while providing incredible flexibility to deploy new servers, development environments, etc. New technologies such as memory de-duping allows you to share memory between similar operating systems in a virtualized environment. This means one server can actually provide more virtual memory to the existing virtualized guests then physical memory installed in the server.

Storage Area Networks & Network Attached Storage: Having reliable fault tolerant storage is absolutely essential to your business. Storage Area Networks (SAN) and Network Attached Storage (NAS) allow you to provide storage to your servers from one or more highly fault tolerant storage devices. SANs when correctly configured, such as using a Fibre Channel fabric or iSCSI Ethernet, allows multiple connection paths from the storage device to the server. Thin Client provisioning allows you to provide your servers with the minimum amount of initial storage required, while providing for future increased capacity necessary for the servers. Coupling SANs with a Virtualized environment provides amazing growth and flexibility that has to been seen to be believed. NAS has many of the same reliability features as SANs but provides storage to mulitple devices using network file systems such as CIFS/SMB/NFS/etc. NAS has been quickly replacing the traditional file server in businesses.

Backup: Backing up your systems and data is an absolute. There is no grey area and it is not optional. Having reliable and tested backups is your holy grail of protecting your business data, allowing you to have peace of mind. For quite a few businesses, having a catastrophic data loss could result in going out of business. Open Innovations works with the many different types of backup technologies and can deploy them with absolute reliability.

Asterisk & VoIP: With the advent of the Internet, traditional phone PBX systems, are being phased out. There is a move in the industry backed by those such as AT&T and the FCC to decommission the traditional POTS and PSTN legacy networks and move straight to all digital IP phone networks. Open Innovations saw the writing on the wall many years ago and forged ahead into deploying Voice over IP. We became experts in the Open Source Asterisk PBX system allowing you to use inexpensive VoIP phones in the office and connect to either a traditional PSTN trunk network and/or to using new VoIP technologies such as SIP, IAX, and others, all while leveraging Asterisks' incredible power and flexibility.

Monitoring: Monitoring of your computers, networks, and infrastructure is critical in being proactive in dealing with problems that arise. We have focused our knowledge in mastering the most widely deployed and industry standard monitoring software called Nagios and MRTG with Routers2.cgi. We can fully integrate Nagios and MRTG into monitoring every part of your infrastructure.