Security is a simple concept but vast in scope and implementation. Since this is such a large and complex subject we will keep the brevity as concise as possible. For details over every aspect of security for your business, please contact us.

Only by extensive experience can someone start to understand and implement the many facets needed in a proper security infrastructure. Many years of experience is required in order to know the many vectors that attacks can come from and prepare the infrastructure to survive and repulse these attacks.

Large security procedures have been put into place by the government, commercial entities, and health services. These procedures include but are not limited to Sarbanes-Oxley, PCI/DSS, HIPAA. These by themselves would make a large tome. Knowing these procedures and how to deploy them is one of Open Innovations core missions. We also perform auditing for these procedures as businesses work their way towards being in and maintaining compliance.

Since Open Innovations works with these initiatives all the time, everything we do focuses around absolute security. Every task we perform for a business comes with security as a foundation in deployment. Security has to become a way of life when taking care of a business' infrastructure. To ignore security invites disaster. To embrace security brings strength and peace of mind.

Let Open Innovations help you understand your security needs today and in the future.