Information Technology Infrastructure Support

Your IT infrastructure needs the best support possible; plain and simple. The same ideology that Open Innovations uses in Consulting, we use to support your technology infrastructure.

Companies need to have a solid foundation on which their technology is based. If that foundation is broken, then support costs rise. We have constantly dealt with the aftermath of fixing and repairing the foundation after a previous technology company left it in shambles.

The underlying problem in our industry is the general lack of skills and experience to handle the day to day operations in supporting the business technology infrastructure. The vast majority of technical staff will only ever reach the adequate level, but never achieve a high level of expertise. For example, someone being able to play a piano does not compare to someone who truly has the gift of music. You can call this ability a gift, guru, savant, etc. You either have it, or you do not. It cannot be learned. Everyone at Open Innovations has this ability, along with the many years of experience working with every faucet of technology.

The skills and experience provided by the technology support staff are just a few of the facets needed. The other attributes are professionalism, integrity, honesty, ethics, sincerity, and always to be personable and friendly. All of these character traits are essential and not optional. Your business is outsourcing your IT Infrastructure Support and you must have absolute and total confidence in them.

Open Innovations has been supporting the IT Infrastructure of companies for a very long time. We have been with some of the same companies for more than 15 years. Only by providing the best support and being absolutely reliable is this kind of long term relationship possible.